Starter Pack Cake Fondant Smoother and Edger

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Starter Pack Cake Fondant Smoother and Edger

The Starter Pack from Prestige Edgers has two pieces of equipment in it

No 1

Aright angled Edger which positions and smooths fondant or marzipan to give vertical sides to your cake

Approximately 100mm x 75mm x 50mm

No 2

Prestige 'Super Smoother' sugarcraft smoother by Edgers™

A good quality and substantial sized smoother – 210mm - 8¼" long

Each are made in the UK, using specially highly polished surfaces and ensures a professional result whilst helping to avoid stress marks on the sugarpaste

Genuine Edgers™ - come with a lifetime guarantee so please don't confuse with cheap Chinese copies seen on eBay and some other retail cake decorating shops

Normally black plastic

Approx 210 mm x 90 mm x 60mm

Dishwasher safe