Pleated Scalloped Pattern Rolling Pin

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Pleated Scalloped Pattern Rolling Pin

Create wonderful pleated designs in fondant for the side of large cakes, or cut out shapes for biscuits and cupcakes.

The last coloured picture is what we at Iced Affair created for a clients cake around the sides with fondant.

Roll out your fondant to the length that you want for your cake.

Roll the embosser over the top creating the scallop and pleated pattern.

Try to roll with the same pressure from start to finish.

Measure the height of the cake, and cut one long edge following the pattern.

Mark the icing with a ruler say 1cm more that the actual height and trim. Dust the icing with a little icing sugar, roll it up and then unwind the icing around the cake.

Where the icing joins or overlaps make a cut through both pieces. Dampen the edges and this will create your join  

Pleated Scalloped Pattern Rolling Pin