Goa Lace

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GOA 3D Lace Mat Introducing the latest Cake Lace mat,

The Goa Cake Lace mat is a two-strip design which is the same design scaled at two different sizes.

This makes the design ideal for use over multiple tiers as well as on smaller creations like biscuits and cupcakes.

With subtle floral elements, Goa would be perfect for male and female cakes alike.

Goa is one of the new Cake Lace mats featuring Cake Lace brand new silicone mat technology allowing you to create multi-coloured Cake Lace designs!

Multi-coloured Cake Lace designs are possible due to a sophisticated design process developed exclusively by Cake Lace.

Cake Lace is also uniquely able to produce food grade silicone mats with immense amounts of detail, depth and dimension while still retaining the intricate look of realistic lace.

Even though the results of multi-coloured Cake Lace looks complex and detailed, it is actually very easy to achieve.

Of course, Goa can still be used in the traditional way with a single colour of Cake Lace to create gorgeous designs while still retaining the beautifully intricate design.

Sizes: measures approx. width is 80 mm - 3.15" and the length 370 mm -  14.6".