Fondant and Butter Icing Decorative Press Set

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The Wilton Decorative Press Set is handy for home and professional bakers alike. It allows you to create heart shapes and scroll work designs on buttercream or fondant, adding decoration and beautiful look to your cakes.

If you are learning the Lambeth Style of over piping, this set is a great start and allows you to follow a pattern on the cake


This 28-piece set has a pair of corner presses, nine border presses, and 16 icon presses. This allows for numerous possible configurations and designs.

Includes 2 corner, 9 border, 16 icon presses

Each press along creates a design imprint in icing, but the multiple corner, border and icon designs work perfectly together as well

Easy to use instructions are included, also works great with cookie dough

Before first and after each use, wash in warm, soapy water