Fold Away Croquembouche

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The unique Silverwood Croquembouche Set offers the first real alternative to either cobbling together a suitable cone from cardboard and paperclips,

or spending a small fortune on a professional stainless steel cone mould.

The set comes with three components: Flexible cone, top cap and dual-purpose base.

The cone is simply formed and locked in place using the in-built tongue and groove tabs.

Place the cone over the base and top-off with the cap. In this form, the choux buns are simply built-up on the outside of the cone, using caramel or melted chocolate to stick them in place.

For a smaller dessert, drop the top cap into the base and invert the cone as in the picture. Build-up the choux buns on the inside, again sticking them in place with caramel or chocolate.

For this smaller cone it is advisable to use smaller diameter buns to achieve a better definition.

As seen and used in The Great British Bake-off