Cookie Decorating by Autumn Carpenter

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Cookie Decorating by Autumn Carpenter

Decorating biscuits or cookies is a wonderful way to create small, edible works of art.

From simple piping to elaborate hand molding, there are limitless ways to beautify cookies.

Cookie Decorating takes the satisfying art of decorating biscuits or cookies to a new level with fabulous, new techniques as well as traditional and classic styles of decorating.

Easy-to-follow directions for each type of decorating with beautiful photographs allow any level of cookie decorator to create these mini masterpieces.

Each chapter provides a collection of decorated cookies to inspire your creativity.

General decorating and baking techniques include:

baking tools, decorating tools, roll-out dough, molding, piped thinned dough, buttercream, run sugar, “watercolor” painting, egg wash glaze, fondant, candy coating, and more.

Fun projects include: ornaments, gingerbread garland, gingerbread houses, giant cookies, cookie bouquets, cookie bowls and more.