A Dream Wedding

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A Dream Wedding

Debbie Brown's DREAM Wedding Cakes Book Wedding Cakes showcases a brand new collection of gorgeous designs from the UK''s best-selling novelty cake author.

From the flamboyant and decadent to the chic and sophisticated, Debbie Brown's latest cake creations offer something for every style and taste.

With contemporary weddings in mind, each cake embraces the latest trends and fashions in cake design with truly sensational results.

All 12 cakes are presented as step-by-step projects, complete with a list of materials and equipment, clear instructions from start to finish, and images showing the stages of making the cake.

Debbie offers expert guidance along the way, from how to bake and ice a cake, to doweling, covering and presenting your masterpiece.

Irresistible ideas for coordinating mini cakes are also given with each project.

Experienced sugarcrafters, first-time cake makers and couples planning for the big day will all find this fabulous book an invaluable source of inspiration.

And the cakes aren't just for weddings

if your are celebrating an engagement, anniversary its Valentine's Day, a cake will make the occasion extra special!

12 innovative, contemporary designs for modern weddings Recipes, cake decorating advice and step-by-step instructions for readers of all abilities

Each cake beautifully presented in full colour.

112 pages hardcover